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Bitto Exchange Is All about Doing It Differently And Providing A Rewarding Experience

Hi, I am Nic (co-founder and CEO of BITTO exchange). We have come along way, from a small team of devs and individuals to an established organisation with multiple fantastic individuals that are tasked with different responsibilities. Our Dev team has grown from just 2 Devs to now 18 of us and still growing. We are happy to have been part of a great experience and thank you so very much for your support and patience. With a tight knitted team dedicated to making this company a success, we will develop the business with providing the right solutions to various user segments and audiences. We will be showcasing 1 click trade for ease of use for non traders, integrating liquidity with several other partner exchanges and launching reputable high networth ICO's on our exchange. Without further ado, I will elaborate a little about our updated roadmap, and how BITTO differentiates itself. Once again, without your support, BITTO would not be where it is today. So I humbly thank you all who was with us through this whole journey. We will continue to grow!.

Grand Launching in :

BITTO Exchange's Team are still working hard on development and we will potentially launch earlier before countdown comes to an end.

A Unique Exchange

To Create Something Unique, intuitive and of lasting value. That has been the guiding principle for BITTO exchange. We will not settle for something less as we aim to be standing amongst the best.

Rewarding BITTO coin hodlers

Take advantage of the Proof Of Stake Rewards by holding 5000 BITTO coins.Giving 65% Per Annum Interest for the first 6 months. BITTO provides a decentralised method of dividend rewards. Running on the ethereum platform, it does not require VPN and can be staked directly from your own wallet, leaving security in your hands.

FAQ Guide On Staking BITTO Coin Calculator


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