Secure platform

Security has always been a priority for BITTO Ex- change. This is enhanced with multiple tier security and using up to date technology available. Using bank grade security with AES256 encryption keys. Two-factor authentication is provided for all users for additional security. We are also working with BITGO to ensure wallet security is optimum, where majority funds are kept in cold storage. BITTO ex- change will always ensure that security will always be a priority in system and functional development of the exchange.


Dividend earned from POS

Holding BITTO coins has many benefits, from re- duction in trading fees, to usage of payments for our future Signal platform and Crypto to Fiat plat- form. One of the primary rewards of holding BITTO, is that with 5000 coins or more, you can stake to earn daily rewards after 10 days up to 120 days. Coins will be held in your own private wallet. That way it helps to provide a decentralised environ- ment of having funds securely in your wallet while earning dividend rewards.


Fast deposits and withdrawals

Because we integrate hot, warm and cold wallet for multi-tier security, it is also faster to withdraw and deposit funds (lesser than 0.5 BTC) very quickly. But for security purposes, any amount above 1 BTC is then transferred to a multi tier signature cold wallet for security purposes and may require addi- tional time for security verification and confirma- tion purposes.


Trade Per Seconds

Our Certified matching engine is capable of pro- cessing 7 million trades per second, making BITTO exchange one of the most fastest competitive top exchange in the market today.


Referral System

Referral system is to reward users by referring traders and users to our exchange platform. This will be 20% of the fees we charge for every trade your friend makes. On top of this, we will use an- other 20% of the fees charged to sustain and in- crease BITTO coin prices. This will in turn benefit all users that are within the BITTO ecosystem.

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